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we make your cybersec

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We support companies in the implementation of risk management processes and building solutions to enhance cyber security. We combine the knowledge, competence and practical experience of our implementation teams with a wide range of tools offered.

We work with clients at many levels of their organization. As a result, we carefully analyze its needs and design solutions to provide knowledge to support effective business decision-making.

Governance, risk management and compliance

We combine risk management processes for your organization with tools that allow you to use the information gained in decisions that are key to the growth of your business.

Detection and response

We support your business in acquiring information about current and future threats. We create response processes, response plans and implement a wide range of security systems.

Cloud security

We help you plan the security of your business' environments in popular clouds, provide effective management of attack surface and redundant privileges, and secure logging for infrastructure administrators.

Identity Management

We define your enterprise's identity management processes and implement solutions to facilitate the processes. We take care of a high level of security of identities and credentials, regardless of where they are used or what type they are.

Secure user environment

We help define threats and ways to mitigate them regardless of the complexity and location of your business infrastructure. We offer solutions addressed to organizations of all sizes, whether for security, support or audit departments.

Secure access to resources

We support you in defining sensitive locations in your enterprise and provide secure, accountable and convenient access to all kinds of data.

Data and network security

We define all kind of data and suggest ways to secure it. We help meet the requirements of security departments, audits and regulatory bodies.

Raising user awareness

We test the resilience of your enterprise at the user level. Through training, imparting theoretical knowledge and practical issues, we provide a holistic approach to information security.

We support your business in cybersecurity area

we make your cybersec


Success is due to people - grow with us

Join our team of experienced experts. With us you will develop your competence, expand the state of your knowledge, and in case of any questions or needs, you will receive support from our specialists not only at the implementation stage. Become one of Safesqr's experts and support clients in the development of their business.
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A trustworthy partner

We provide cybersec solutions so you can safely grow your business

We analyze your needs and define project goals. We design the process and select the tools so that they fully meet the objectives and support the development of your business.

We act as a partner. We treat you with respect, attention, and we base our relationship on mutual trust. It allows us to implement tailor-made projects with a personalized approach.
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We work with leading cybersec solution providers