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The last 2 years have set new records for DDoS attack attempts. Most of them involve clogging up the link with junk data packets. In August 2020, there was a successful attack on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, which blocked most services for 3 days and caused losses of several million dollars.

A services company struggled with a similar attack on its systems – a failure to optimize its systems combined with a volumetric DDoS attack led to a halt in business continuity for several hours, causing losses of around 100,000 PLN.

Why the attack succeeded:

  • Lack of solutions to respond to DDoS attacks.
  • Lack of network traffic optimization.


In order to maximize the operation of data centers, it is required to implement an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) class solution. It allows you to manage application traffic in the cloud and data centers, thus protecting the server from overload. The needed resources are reallocated to where they are needed most. This type of ADC tool is Radware Alteon.


Crucial when it comes to protecting an organization from DDoS attacks is a tool that can detect and mitigate volumetric attacks. Moreover, it must allow the right traffic to be processed without affecting its performance. To distinguish such traffic, security measures should be centered around packet analysis and distinguishing proper traffic from “flooding” based on behavioral analysis. A tool that accomplishes this task is Radware DefensePro, which uses Behavioral DoS Protection technology to isolate attack patterns to further protect the server from overload.



The service company, after deploying ADC and Anti-DDoS solutions at its site, was able to prevent incoming volumetric attacks and redirect needed traffic from less loaded sites to those requiring more resources. Thus, solutions are provided that offload network traffic to the most needed locations. As a result, attack attempts are instantly recognized and blocked, and solutions ensure the organization's business continuity.

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