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As early as 2020, more than 50%* of the world’s Internet traffic came from smartphones. Company phones tend to be less secure than computers, which attracts attackers. Before a company becomes a victim of smishing, infection through downloading a bogus app, exploiting a vulnerability, or any other type of attack – it’s worth knowing how to protect against it.

The main task facing an organization is to secure content from unauthorized access. This can occur as a result of a lack of verification of the person requesting access to the content. A gateway to data leakage is also the inability to control the unauthorized applications users install, or the networks they use.

Are you sufficiently protecting company data on mobile devices? Among the top challenges that need to be addressed to reduce the risk of attack are:

  • Lack of control over what a user does with company data.
  • Lack of control over what Wi-Fi networks an employee connects to.
  • Lack of control over software updates.


An interesting solution, especially appreciated by organizations with hundreds of mobile endpoints, is the ability to centrally manage fleet devices. And this includes the ability to set privacy policies globally. MDM (Mobile Device Management) class tools comprehensively address smartphone security issues.

Among the various functionalities that feature them is MFA to protect the system from unauthorized access. In MobileIron from Ivanti – an MDM solution – corporate data is placed in a specially secured container, and file and application operations are fully visible to the administrator. The administrator also monitors software updates and has visibility into what Wi-Fi networks are being used. Encryption of data transferred within the organization further secures the content in case of leakage.



By implementing an MDM solution, mobile devices can be fully secured against unauthorized access and misuse. The administrator gets full visibility into how an employee processes data on his mobile device.

In the event of events that could lead to an information security breach, such as connections to vulnerable networks or a lack of software updates, an appropriate alert is sent, allowing the security team to intervene immediately. MobileIron can completely block the option of connecting to unauthorized, open Wi-Fi networks and installing third-party applications. This makes the response to dangerous situations immediate.

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