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Ninety percent of successful cyberattacks on network infrastructure are the result of human error*, data says. Often these attacks involve inadequate email security. Many companies have no email security other than antivirus and firewall. Additionally, they are present on desktops and laptops to the exclusion of other mobile devices.

A common mistake made in the context of email security is the lack of proper employee education. An employee who clicks on an attachment of a fake email received from HR is a typical scenario seconds before malicious ransomware spreads throughout the organization, for example.

The second of the “sins” often committed by companies in the context of email boxes is the lack of authentication when accessing the email application on phones and tablets.

What makes it easier for cybercriminals?

  • Lack of email security on mobile devices.
  • Lack of anti-phishing security.


In order to protect email on mobile devices and prevent unauthorized people from using it, many organizations use an MDM-class tool – Mobile Device Management. It allows full management of access to the email application. In addition, it provides protection for the entire mailbox, including attachments, by storing it on the mobile device in a secure data container. This type of tool is, for example, MobileIron from Ivanti.

If your organization has poor employee awareness of the dangers lurking in the email application, education may be the only effective tool. Ad hoc training is not enough. In a changing world of threats and with a frequently rotating workforce, you need comprehensive solutions to continuously raise user awareness. This is where the Educational Anti-Phishing Platform. comes to the rescue. Accessible from anywhere, the platform provides a consistent training program tailored to the level of individual users.



Using the Educational Anti-Phishing Platform, customers in various industries, including healthcare, the public sector, environmental protection, and the IT sector, report a decrease in click-through rates on fraudulent emails by about 25%*. Reducing phishing risks is firmly on the agenda of many organizations to combat cyber threats.

By implementing specific mail protection in the form of the MobileIron tool on mobile devices, administrators are given the ability to respond instantly to security breaches involving unauthorized access to mail. No one who does not know the access data to the secure container can perform operations on its contents. In addition, by encrypting the application's communication with the server or the ability to block certain actions within specific documents - in case of theft or loss of the device, the data is completely safe.

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