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Founded in 2002, the company is based in Columbia, Maryland, USA. Its main business is supporting companies in vulnerability management processes - it is the developer of one of the most popular vulnerability scanning tools, Tenable Nessus.


Tenable Cloud Security

A tool that provides security teams with a complete view of the cloud environment and supports business decision-making based on existing risks.

Tenable Identity Exposure

An agentless security solution that provides complete visibility into the Active Directory environment, prioritizing actions and reducing risk, and eliminating potential attack paths in the company’s infrastructure.

Tenable Nessus

A modern solution for vulnerability assessment. Secures cloud infrastructure and provides a complete view of the attack surface.

Tenable Security Center

A tool that provides comprehensive vulnerability management with real-time continuous assessment of network vulnerabilities. Enables rapid identification, analysis and prioritization in action against the most critical assets.

Tenable Vulnerability Management

A solution that gives you a risk-based view of the attack surface and quickly identifies and investigates the most critical assets and vulnerabilities. Built-in automated and analytical tools, as well as real-time insights, help you understand threats and proactively prioritize remediation efforts.