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Public organizations or large private companies are regularly exposed to sophisticated cyber attacks designed to steal data or extort money. These are not just external threats. Sometimes employees also threaten the organization, for example, by using their own data storage devices without the knowledge of security departments.

Once a flash drive is plugged into a device on the corporate network, there is a chance that ransomware can be introduced into the internal network circulation, which can encrypt data on workstations.

What areas are worth considering to ensure the security of the organization’s workstations? These are:

  • Control over what external drives employees use.
  • A system to detect and eliminate threats on workstations and know their scale.
  • Knowledge of cyber threats among employees.


Traditional antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to confront today’s threats. In order for a company to focus on its business without worrying about data security, in a threat situation it is important not only to detect malware immediately but also to detect suspicious behavior and be able to react quickly. The response to incidents should be immediate, and the involvement of a member of the security team, reduced to the minimum necessary.

Such a situation is possible by automating simple, repetitive actions to enrich the incident, which translates into speeding up the SOC crew. Advanced solutions for protecting workstations use artificial intelligence, behavioral analysis, and rules for detecting, classifying and investigating threats with automatic assessment of their relevance. The automatic disk encryption function is also becoming important, allowing additional data security.

Among the solutions that perform these tasks are tools of the XDR (Extended Detection & Response), UEBA (User And Entity Behavior Analytics) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) classes. An example of a platform that combines all these functionalities is NetWitness XDR.



The use of artificial intelligence and analytical tools significantly relieves the burden on the security team and streamlines and accelerates their work.

Detecting anomalies in user behavior and using artificial intelligence to improve incident response allows protecting the organization on an unprecedented scale. The introduction of XDR, UEBA and EDR class solutions safeguards the stability of business processes.

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