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Increasing phishing attacks also mean increasing virtual identity theft. Implementing a simple keylogger can allow a cybercriminal to capture a list of usernames and passwords, and thus gain access to resources used by the user in question. In other words: logging into resources using only a username and password is far too little to effectively protect identities. Additional verification is important, which can be done in a variety of ways.

Among the main challenges that companies face is

  • Single Factor Verification
  • Excessive user permissions
  • No tools to manage and automate access to resources


What should be done to protect virtual identities? The basic step is to implement multi-factor authentication solutions. This ranges from two-factor authentication, which requires a code to be sent in addition to the user’s mobile device, to more complex forms of protection such as using the fingerprint reader present in most smartphones. What’s more, some of these solutions from the user’s side simplify the whole process, while breaking through the security by a cybercriminal becomes much more complicated. Therefore, there is a good chance that the thought of hacking into systems is already abandoned at this stage. MFA solutions that accomplish this task are SecurID SSO and NetIQ Advanced Authentication.

In addition, it is important to protect user identities also at the stage of access to resources themselves. In short, a given employee should have access only to those resources that enable him to do his job and… to nothing else. Access Management class solutions allow easy management and authentication of the virtual identity of a given user, based largely on automated solutions. This task can be accomplished through SecurID Identity Governance and NetIQ Access and Identity Management.



The solutions implemented implement a zero-trust security policy. It means that every connection, every user and every IP accessing resources is a threat to the company's security. Indeed, zero trust proves to be the best way to adequately secure corporate resources. By introducing MFA and AM solutions, the organization is able to effectively protect the virtual identity of its employees.

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